Our Mission, Value & Vision


Our mission is simply stated. It is meaningful. It is profound.

Protect. Serve. Enforce.

There is no higher calling than to protect the rights and constitutional freedoms of those we serve. An exacting and thorough adherence to the U.S. and Colorado Constitutions is critical to this primary purpose. Protecting constitutional guarantees is more important than the outcome of any single incident. Every employee, regardless of role or assignment, is critical to this mission element and each must live up to the oath that has been taken.

There is no greater honor than to serve our citizens. Service in a manner that demonstrates vision and initiative - where each employee seeks to achieve the highest level of quality in all aspects of their work - is the organization’s goal. Each individual sets an example that influences excellence in personal behavior and job performance, and inspires others. Our positive engagement with our citizenry improves the quality of life in our community.

By virtue of our professional roles, great authority has been granted to us. It is a sacred trust between us and those we serve. The manner in which we enforce laws and rules must demonstrate dignity, fairness, and compassion, and must be rooted in reasoned judgment. The rule of law is a foundational component and must be understood. Preserve the peace, solve problems at their root, and enforce laws and rules with a measure of restraint and justice should always be the goal.


The strategic plan for accomplishing the mission of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office begins with core values that must be preserved by every member of the organization. Each employee must perform his or her job in a manner that supports our statutorily based mission. 

These core values are:


We are honest, forthright, and courageous in all we do. We are accountable to the public and ourselves.


Our tradition holds that we serve our community with high standards through teamwork, innovation, and leadership. Exceptional service is our hallmark.


We honor our oath of office and the people we serve. We wear our badge with dignity and restraint. We enforce the law with equality, compassion, and respect for individual rights.

Our values must be fully understood, practiced, shared, and vigorously defended. In doing so, we will preserve the integrity and tradition of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office and the confidence the public has in it. We are not only public servants. We are citizens of this community who are dedicated to an ideal - a vision. Whether one wears a badge or supports those who do, our vision is supported by our mission and our core values. 


Our vision is for Jefferson County to be a safe place to live, learn, work and play.