General Assistance

General Assistance provides emergency financial help to eligible, low-income Colorado residents. General Assistance is available to families and individuals not currently receiving benefits through cash assistance programs and is intended for emergencies only. General Assistance can be used to assist with the cost of rent, transportation, prescriptions, utility bills and burials/cremations. General Assistance can only be received once in each 12 month period.


To be eligible for General Assistance you must:

  • Be a Jefferson County resident for at least one month
  • Have applied for benefits through all other applicable programs
  • Not be receiving benefits through cash assistance programs (OAP, AND, TANF, or AF)
  • Have no sanctions or unpaid recoveries
  • Be elderly, disabled or have minor children living in your home

General Assistance is available to all eligible households/ individuals regardless of race, color, sex, national origin, religious, or political beliefs.


To apply:

  1. Download the application.
  2. Complete application and save with information.
  3. Click this link to send the application back via secure email submissionSecureEmailExternal Opens in new window
    1. Enter your email address in the From box and type your email
    2. Attach the application by clicking on Add Attachment
    3. Enter the characters on the screen for security
    4. Click Send
  4. Note that if the worker needs to respond to you they will be sending you a secure email with their reply.  This is an effort to help protect your information in this process.


This program is subject to available funding.