Long Term Care

Long Term Care Medicaid benefits help people who need ongoing medical or social support. Jefferson County Long Term Care offers options for our aging and disabled population. Long-term care Medicaid includes nursing facility care, home and community-based services in which medical providers come into the home to render the necessary services to keep a disabled individual from being institutionalized in a nursing facility or hospital. Our goal is to provide assistance to any adult or disabled child at risk of institutionalization, who would not otherwise be eligible for Medicaid due to parental income and/or resources, get the help they need.

*Note - Please don't use PEAK for Long Term Care applications or RRR info. For a faster response, send an email with documents attached in PDF format to [email protected], fax your info to 303-271-4805, or drop off your documents at the Human Services Building located at 900 Jefferson County Parkway, Golden, CO 80401.

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Eligibility Criteria

Income Limit

  • The current income limit is $2,523 a month.
  • For those individuals who are not hospitalized an income trust can be established if income exceeds $2,523 a month. There are limits for the income trust which are dependent on which county the applicants resides.
  • Only individual applicant income is considered in the eligibility determination. An applicant’s spouse’s income is not considered.

Resource Limit

  • The individual resource limit is $2,000.
  • The couple resource limit is $3,000 if both members of a marital couple are applying for long-term care benefits and they are sharing the same room in a nursing facility or if both are going to receive Home and Community Based Services.
  • The couple resource limit is $3,000 if both members of a marital couple are applying for long-term care benefits are living in separate rooms in a nursing facility.
  • The couple resource limit is $137,400 if one member of the couple is applying for long-term care services and the other spouse is not applying for Medicaid and is not institutionalized.

Additional Eligibility Requirements

  • Case management agencies evaluate applicants of long-term care to determine if their medical or functional condition qualifies them to receive long-term care services. This approval is necessary for eligibility.
  • Applicants of long-term care Medicaid must receive long-term care services for 30 consecutive days before eligibility can be approved.
  • Applicants of long-term care Medicaid cannot transfer assets for less than fair market value within 5 years of the date of application. If any transfers were made the applicant may be ineligible for long-term care services for a period of time.