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Short Term Rental Regulation Updates

Jefferson County Planning & Zoning is completing an update to the Short Term Rental regulations to streamline the review process and reduce noncompliance. In order to adequately update the regulations to meet the needs of the community, Planning & Zoning will be holding community meetings to hear from you. 

The following community meeting will be held to hear public comments:

  • September 12 - virtual at 3 PM

Past Meetings: 

  • August 16 - virtual at 6 PM
  • August 30 - in person at 6 PM
    • Hearing Room One
      100 Jefferson County Parkway
      Jefferson CountyCO 80419

A draft of the regulation will be published for community review once the community meetings have taken place.

A Short-Term Rental is currently defined in the Jefferson County Zoning Resolution as: a single family detached dwelling or portion thereof that contains not more than 5 bedrooms, that is used for, or advertised and available for use for, accommodations or lodging of guests paying a fee or other compensation, for a period of fewer than 30 consecutive days.

Do you have additional input on Short-Term Rentals in unincorporated Jeffco? Email us here.

Proposed Revisions to the Transportation Design and Construction Manual

Case Number: 22-122945AM
Case Manager: Lindsey Wire

The following summarizes the proposed changes to the Transportation Design and Construction Manual.

  • Chapter 3:
    • Update Standard Templates to provide additional flexibility for public streets.
    • Clarify that within the area of the Vision Clearance triangle, there shall be no fence, wall, landscaping, structure or other obstruction to view more than thirty-six (36) inches in height.
    • Update Section 3.7.8 to remove the statement that the appropriate Fire Protection District may approve alternate standards.
  • Chapter 5:
    • New subsection Median Cover Material and Median Edging Patterned Concrete
    • New subsection Detectable Warnings on Concrete Curb Ramps
    • New subsection Waterproofing Membranes
    • Revision to subsection Signs. Wording changes and subsection is now Signs, Sign Posts, and Anchors.
    • Revision to Section 5.2 Construction Standards table. New standard drawings inserted as described below. 
      • 16 Detectable Warnings on Concrete Curb Ramps
      • 17 Waterproofing Membranes
      • 18 Median Cover Material Patterned Concrete
      • 19 Median Edging Patterned Concrete
  • Transportation Studies Appendix:
    • Create three types: Trip Generation Memoranda, Transportation Analysis, and Transportation Impact Studies
  • Modifications to Standard Templates 1, 2, 3, and 4

The proposed regulation changes with red-marks are below:

If you have any questions, please contact us here.


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