Regulation Updates

Due to COVID-19 concerns, Planning & Zoning has canceled the Short Term Rental public outreach meetings previously scheduled for March and April. We will notify you again as information becomes available. Thank you for understanding.

Regulation Amendments

4th Quarter 2019 Regulation Amendments

Planning & Zoning is working on a Regulation Amendment (19-121011AM) pertaining to the Zoning Resolution (ZR), Land Development Regulation (LDR), Transportation Design and Construction Manual (TDCM) and Storm Drainage Design & Technical Criteria (SDDTC). This regulation update is mainly intended to clarify processes and make minor updates to the ZR, LDR, TDCM, and the SDDTC so that they are easier to use and navigate. Some of the proposed amendments that are more substantial in nature include:

  • Modifications to the Vacation of Right of Way requirements
  • Implementation of the Property Merger reversal
  • Modifications to the Pavement Design process

A “Summary of the Proposed 4th Quarter Regulation Updates” outlines all the proposed changes and can be viewed in the folder here: Summary of Updates.

Final Draft and Changes After 1st Referral

Within each LDR, SDDTC, TDCM, and ZR folder linked below there are two folders. One which identifies the changes after the 1st referral and another showing the final draft. View the Final Draft and Changes After 1st Referral Documents.

Hearings Scheduled 

  • Planning Commission: Wednesday, December 4, 2019 at 6:15 pm
  • Board of County Commissioners: Tuesday, December 17, 2019 at 8:00 am

Public Testimony will be taken at these Hearings.  In order for written comments to be included in the Staff packets that are provided to Boards/Commissions, please submit your comments at least one week prior to the scheduled hearing. Please email your comments or questions to us here.


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