Community Corrections

Community Corrections is a sentencing alternative to incarceration in prison for individuals approved for participation in community supervision programs. The programs are designed for adult offenders diverted from incarceration or returning to the community from prison. The focus is on recidivism reduction through supervision, treatment, and reintegration into the community. 

Community Corrections provides: 

  • Cost-saving alternative to incarceration 
  • Structured environment designed for success of the offender 
  • The opportunity to work and pay child support, taxes, and restitution 
  • Cognitive behavioral and life skills training 
  • An opportunity for offenders to reintegrate into the community and reunites families 
  • A safe and secure environment for the offender while improving public safety 

The Community Corrections unit provides contract oversight for two community corrections programs in Jefferson County, both operated by Intervention Community Corrections Services. The unit audits programs for contract compliance, processes incoming community corrections referrals, and provides staff support to the Jefferson County Corrections Board and screening committee. All referrals undergo a stringent multilevel approval process prior to acceptance and placement in a program.   

The Jefferson County Corrections Board is comprised of 19 system professionals and community members appointed by the Jefferson County Board of County Commissioners. The Corrections Board has the responsibility to establish screening criteria and procedures, provide program oversight, and review applications for placement in Jefferson County Community Corrections facilities. The board has the authority to accept or reject any offender referred for placement in a Jefferson County Community Corrections program. 

For further information on community corrections in Colorado, please contact the Colorado Office of Community Corrections