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Comprehensive Master Plan Update

CMP Survey Slide-1 Opens in new windowJefferson County is pleased to release the results of the Comprehensive Master Plan survey. Over 1500 people provided input about housing availability, land use, transportation options and other topics.

county hot spots of development map Opens in new windowLand Development Patterns Story Map – This is another of the factors staff has evaluated during the process to determine what to update next. This map has four tabs showing different types of development cases from 2001 to 2009 and 2010 to 2018. It shows all Rezoning, Plat, Site Development and Annexation cases.

The Comprehensive Master Plan is a guide used when making land use decisions, such as rezoning, special use and site approval cases. The recommendations in the plan are not mandatory; however, they do carry weight regarding the quality, type, amount and location of future development. 

Findings for 2019 UpdateCMP-Findings-for-2019-Update-cover Opens in new window
Planning & Zoning reviewed five factors that influence the focus of future Comprehensive Master Plan updates. 

  • Age of the Area Plan
  • Amount and location of development
  • Consistency of development proposals with the Plan’s recommendations
  • Public comments from community meetings and a community survey
  • Feedback from other agencies and jurisdictions

Based on this analysis, staff will initially focus on Water and Mixed Use policies for the entire County. After that review is complete, staff will focus on updates to the South Plains Area, which encompasses much of the southeastern portion of unincorporated Jefferson County. See the the report to access the full findings.

If you have any questions, please contact Heather Gutherless, Jefferson County Planning and Zoning, 303-271-8716. 


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