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Focusing on Water Policies in the Comprehensive Master Plan

In 2018, Jefferson County Planning & Zoning heard from the community that the water policies in the Comprehensive Master Plan (PDF) should be the next focus of updates. In the summer of 2019, staff began researching ways to better link water and land use planning in our policies. In December, three public meetings were held to obtain comments from interested citizens on some potential new policies and a comment period was open through mid-January. Now, staff has reviewed those comments and developed a second draft of the policies.  

Draft 2 Comment Period

After compiling all comments on the first draft, staff has created a second draft for review. Below are three types of documents to inform you about the comments received and changes made.

First, there is the Comment Log. This is a single document that lists each comment received and staff’s response to that comment. This is where to look for specific comments submitted. Comments are organized by topic.

Second, there are the Proposed Policies documents. There are four of these documents, one for each broad topic addressed in Draft 1. This shows each policy previously proposed, staff’s proposal for any changes to the policy, and the proposed location for the policy in the Comprehensive Master Plan. These documents provide a summary of the Draft 1 Policies and what staff decided to do with them based on the comments received.

Lastly, there are the proposed changes organized by the section of the Comprehensive Master Plan. There are two major sections of the Comprehensive Master Plan, the Development Review section and the Long Range Planning Issues section. The Development Review section contains the policies that apply when a development proposal is applied for. The Long Range Planning Issues Section contains the policies that shape future Planning & Zoning plan updates, regulation updates and other programs. With Draft 1, the Proposed Policies were organized into general topics. For the second draft, those Policies were reviewed for the most appropriate location in the Comprehensive Master Plan. The proposed changes documents show where each policy will reside in the Comprehensive Master Plan, if adopted. This also shows how the proposed policies relate to the existing policies in the Plan.

Please review these documents by March 20, 2020 and email any comments to Jefferson County Planning and Zoning.

Draft 2 Documents

Comment Log 

Proposed Policies:

Proposed Changes:

Draft 1 Proposed Policies

The presentation and handouts from the December meetings about the Water Policies are below:

Meeting Documents

The presentation and handouts from the December meetings about the Water Policies are below:

If you have any questions, please contact Heather Gutherless, Brittany Gada or Todd Hager, Jefferson County Planning and Zoning, 303-271-8700.

December Meeting Notes

Conifer Meeting – Thursday, December 5, 2019

Golden Meeting – Saturday, December 7, 2019

Evergreen Meeting – Tuesday, December 10, 2019


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