Situations for Mediation

Resolving Conflict

Almost any kind of disagreement can be mediated. Mediation can be used when there is a single difficult issue, multiple issues, a long-standing conflict or a conflict that cannot be avoided because of a continuing relationship between or among those involved.  

Examples of mediation projects:

  • Animal Issues - Barking dogs, dogs roaming loose, dogs chasing wildlife, dog feces, crowing roosters, squealing pigs, noisy chickens, wandering llamas
  • Consumer Complaints - Incomplete or faulty work on cars, roofs, air conditioners, hot water heaters, unfinished remodeling projects, billing errors
  • Divorce and Post-Divorce Issues - Disagreements about parenting time, child support, babysitters, schools, grandparent visitation, religious instructions
  • Family Problems - Aging parents, substance abuse, parent-teen conflict
  • Landlord-Tenant Disputes - Unpaid rent, security deposits, damage to property, broken leases, evictions
  • Neighbor-Neighbor Issues - Noise from stereos, motorcycles, children, overhanging trees, damage to fences and trees, property line issues, trash, yard maintenance. Contact your local municipal police department or submit a mediation request form.
  • School - Truancy concerns, fights, parent-teacher relationships
  • Small Claims Court - Almost any kind of dispute that could end up in small claims court court