Child Care Assistance

With the impact of COVID-19 continuing to unfold across the nation, our childcare providers are faced with the harsh reality of reduced attendance or closing their centers/homes.

To help mitigate the economic impact for providers and families, Jefferson County has implemented the following policy:

  • Pay providers for up to 31 days of absences for children out due to illness or required quarantine.
  • Continue to pay care for providers who are required to close. The county will allow payment for the period the provider is required to close, up to 31 days, for the children currently enrolled. If the situation persists after 31 days, we will reassess the need to extend payment. This will help ensure that providers continue to receive payment and children will be able to retain their slot.
  • Caretakers who are required to work-from-home will be allowed to utilize care.
  • Parents will be allowed a parent fee waiver. For more information, please contact your Eligibility Specialist.

We are committed to supporting our childcare providers and families through these uncertain times.

For additional services, please see Jeffco Community Resources.

What is CCAP?

The Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) provides financial assistance to eligible low-income families who need child care benefits for children from birth to age 12 or children with additional care needs under the age of 19. If you are eligible, a portion of the total child care cost will be paid directly to the provider. You will be required to pay a portion of the child care costs to the provider based on family size and income.

  1. How to Apply for CCAP
  2. Who is Eligible?
  3. Locate Quality Child Care


You can apply for CCAP in person, by mail, fax at 303-271-4447, email, or online.


Laramie Building
3500 Illinois Street
Golden, CO

Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Tuesday Evenings
5 p.m. - 8 p.m.
See RTD Transportation Fact Sheet

For more information or to learn about additional CCAP requirements, please call 303-271-4484.

  1. Important Forms
  2. Attendance Tracking System
  3. Provider Complaints

Important CCAP Forms and Documents

For Providers:

  1. Become a Licensed Provider
  2. Provider Forms and Documents
  3. Quality Child Care (Triad)
  4. Attendance and Tracking System (ATS) Resources

Is working with children your calling? Do you like to help parents of young children? Would you like to start a small business and earn an income while staying at home with your own children? Are you ready to make a commitment to provide the high-quality childcare that is critical to a child’s growth and development? If you answered yes, then Jefferson County’s children and families need you!

In Colorado, you are required to be licensed to care for children in your home if you care for children from two or more unrelated families or more than four unrelated children at the same time. Although there are different types of licenses, most providers start with a Standard license which allows for the care of six children under the age of 5 years, plus two school-age children kindergarten to 12 years. Your own children, under the age of 12, are included in these numbers.

Taking care of children in your licensed family childcare home provides you with the opportunity to have a positive impact on the health and development of children and help them to become caring, responsible, successful adults. You offer young parents the security of knowing their children are in good hands. All while enjoying the satisfaction of having your own small business.

Visit the Colorado Office of Early Childhood website for additional information.

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