SLASH: Sustainable Lands and Safer Homes

Red Subaru backing up to drop off a trailer full of woody debris, mountainscape backdrop
  1. The 2023 Slash season has officially ended, as of 10/26. The program will return during the spring of 2024, please check back at that time for updates and the schedule. Thank you all for another fantastic season!

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Monthly calendar dates from May - October

Drop-off Schedule

The Slash drop-off locations operate Thursday through Sunday, from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., unless otherwise posted. Please arrive no later than 3:30 p.m. to the drop-off site as the unloading process takes about 30 minutes.

Materials Accepted vs. Not Accepted

A list of Accepted and Not Accepted SLASH materials

The majority of the materials that are not accepted often cause damage to our heavy machinery. Construction material and lumber typically have metal hidden throughout, which can cause damage to our grinder. Tree stumps often have rocks, which are challenging and time consuming to remove. We also do not accept leaves since other debris, such as rocks and metal, can get swept up with the leaves.

Fees for Slash Drop-off

Any size truck or trailer is welcome at Jefferson County Slash Collection sites. Dump fees are based on six cubic yards (162 cubic feet) of material: six yards is one load. The cost to drop off a single load is $20. Credit cards only. This is equivalent to:

  • Truck bed full to truck cab height
  • Trailer up to eight feet long by five feet wide by four feet high
  • Loads outside these parameters will be charged accordingly

Calculate Cost

Here is an example to know how to figure your cost:

  • A 16 foot long trailer that is five feet wide and stacked four feet tall with tree branches
  • 16 feet by 5 feet by 4 feet equals 320 cubic feet
  • 320 cubic feet divided by 162 cubic feet (six yards) = 1.98 "loads"
  • Each load is $20
  • So, rounded off, this example trailer will cost $40 to drop at a Jeffco Slash Collection site

The fees that are charged help to offset the cost for the processing equipment, staffing and keeping the program sustainable so it can continue into future years.

Graphic of what size pick-up truck loads are accepted for slash drop-off
Graphic of what size trailer loads are accepted for slash drop-off

Help Reduce Wildfire Danger

What is Slash?

Slash is debris, from nature, such as tree limbs, prunings and pine cones. If not removed, slash can add to potential fire hazards on your property. The importance of mitigating and preparing your property for wildfire cannot be overstated - and again this year, Jefferson County is your partner in this effort.

The Importance of Mitigation

Removing slash and creating a defensible space around your home, is the first line of defense against wildfires. You can create zones around your home, removing any fire fuels, such as tree debris. Having a properly mitigated property doesn’t mean that wildfire will pass you by, but it gives the fire department a better opportunity to save your home when it does come. Great tips on how to protect your home and property can be found on the Jeffco Sheriff’s hazard mitigation page and at FireWise website. Jeffco's CSU Extension also has a  factsheet that can help homeowners plant low-flammability gardens.

SLASH Collection Locations

View the Google map below to find a location near you!

Support SLASH

Wildfire mitigation requires community-wide support to reduce risk for Jefferson County. Donations help the County recover the cost of operating the SLASH program and directly contribute to wildfire mitigation efforts in your community.


If your business is interested in sponsoring the SLASH program, please contact us.

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