Comprehensive Master Plan

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Planning & Zoning is making updates to the Comprehensive Master Plan. Please see the Plan Updates page to find out more about proposed changes. Based on analysis completed in 2018-2019, staff has completed an update to the Water Policies. Now staff is focusing on the Mixed Use policies for the entire County. After that review is complete, staff will focus on updates to the South Plains Area, which encompasses much of the southeastern portion of unincorporated Jefferson County. See the report (PDF) to access the full findings for why these updates were chosen.

The Comprehensive Master Plan (PDF) is a guide that is used when making land use decisions, such as rezoning, special use and site approval cases. The plan was adopted by the Planning Commission with community input. The recommendations in the plan are not mandatory; however, they do carry weight regarding the quality, type, amount and location of future development. 

The Area Plans section contains additional advisory policies and land use recommendations that are also to be used when reviewing a proposed rezoning, special use, or site approval. The policies in these plans were created to be specific to the Area to which they apply and reflect input from community members, property owners and area agencies.

If you have any questions, please contact Heather Gutherless, Jefferson County Planning and Zoning, 303-271-8716.