Coroner's Annual Review

The Jefferson County Coroner’s Office reviewed more than 5,512 reports of death for 2022, with 1,558 of these deaths having been medically unattended or unexpected or resulting from special circumstances that make the death a coroner’s case by law. These unattended or unexpected deaths require a scene response and investigation by a deputy coroner, and 549 of these deaths required an autopsy to determine the cause and manner of death.

Those 5,512 deaths include "investigated deaths" — where a deputy coroner responds to various locations involved with the occurrence — and "reportable deaths" — where a deputy coroner gathers specific information about the case without going to the location of the death.

During 2022, there were five open DOE cases in NAMUS for unidentified bodies, zero unclaimed bodies, and zero exhumations. There were zero external examinations performed and 549 cases where toxicology was performed. The office had zero referrals for organ and tissue donations and zero hospital autopsies under the Coroner’s jurisdiction. There were zero partial autopsies performed. There were no bodies transported by the office. 

The office participates in the local or state child fatality review board and the domestic violence fatality review board.  There is presently not an elder fatality review board. However, if one should be created, we will participate.

Accessing the Coroner's Annual Review

You can see all information within the Coroner's Annual Review visually on this page and by selecting the pages within the left navigation on this page. You can see the full report for 2022, and those of previous years, in these attached PDF files:

Coroner's Annual Review - Overview for 2022
Coroner Annual Review – Population Estimate 2022
Coroner's Annual Review - Total Deaths by Year for 2022