Post-Sale Procedures

Record of Purchase

All tax lien certificates are kept in the treasurer’s office, meaning you will receive payment faster when the lien is paid. This also allows for endorsing without the need to find your certificates and mailing them to the office. A list of the certificates you purchased will be emailed to you after the sale.

Endorsement of Tax Liens

If taxes for the next year are not paid by the property owner, the tax lien buyer will be given a chance to pay the taxes which will then be added to the original tax lien certificate(s) they hold; this process is called endorsing. The interest rate at the time of the original tax sale will remain the same for any taxes that are added to the lien. If your certificates are eligible for endorsement, you will be notified by mail in August, the month endorsements are processed.


When the owner pays his back taxes and redeems the tax lien, the treasurer’s office will process the redemption and send payment to you. You will receive a check, which will include the amount of tax you purchased, plus the interest accrued from the day of sale to the date of redemption. You are not refunded for any premium amount.

The redemption period is three years from the year of the original tax sale. Certificates sold in 2023 are eligible for application of a Treasurer’s Deed in 2026.