We need a site plan and structural plans that show the square footage and height of the shed, drawn to scale. Sheds measuring more than 200 square feet - and/or taller than 14 feet to the peak - need a building permit (see the building permit checklist (PDF)). If less than 200 square feet and less than 14 feet to the peak, a miscellaneous permit is needed for this structure (fees). We will accept the manufacturer plans as long as they are to scale and show that the shed is below the above-specified dimensions. The planner reviewing the application will tell the applicant setback requirements.


A permit is needed for a new fence and/or replacement of an existing fence, or any section thereof. See placing a fence on a property (PDF). Submittal requirements include the type of materials, length and height and a site plan drawn to scale showing the location. Any fence measuring more than 42 inches in height requires a permit. Planned Development (PD) zoning may have different requirements. Please check the zoning and contact us if zoned PD. The cost of the permit is listed on our development fees page. There may be questions regarding height, setbacks, and, if on a corner, the Vision Clearance Triangle.  A corner property will make a difference in placement and setbacks.

New Structure, Addition, Patio/Deck Cover, etc.

There is a zoning review fee for zoning review of each building permit. Please see our Building Permit Checklist (PDF) for a list of fees and documents needed.

The Building Department is the last stop in the building permit issuance process and has additional requirements (303-271-8260).