Internet Sale Information

The Jefferson County Tax Lien Sale is held each fall as an online public auction through SRI, Inc. through Zeus Auction.

2024 Sale Details 

This page will be updated when the actual dates have been determined. 

  • The tax lien auction will be held sometime in November 2024
  • Registration will be sometime in October 2024 
  • Questions regarding the auction’s operation should be directed to SRI at 800-800-9588.
  • Parcels will be offered in PIN order.
  • The bidding sequence will be conducted in PIN order.


Bids will be accepted online only after bidders register with SRI. Bids may be made from any Internet terminal through SRI’s website.

  • You may bid or track more than one item at a time.
  • You may also click on the title of an item for more information and bid from there.
  • You may add an item to your Members Area tracking list without placing a bid. Check the box, and you can quickly view the item status, along with the other items for which you have tracked and placed bids.
  • The first bid must meet the minimum amount.
    Example: A minimum of $968 will be accepted in that amount. The next bid will be increased to the next even amount that is less than the required increment. All subsequent bids will be increased in the amount of the increment.
  • Proxy Bidding:  You may enter the largest amount you are willing to pay for an item in the bid box. The amount entered must be in an amount that will equal the minimum, plus the increment rounded to the nearest total by using the established increment. The auction system will place the lowest bid necessary, and it will bid on your behalf if others bid against you - up to the top amount you placed.

Bidding Process

All successful bids are final. No changes in, or cancellation of, a purchased lien will be made after a bid has been made on a lien or the item has closed.

Bids will be recognized up to the time of closing, and the system will display "bidding is closing." The highest bid received at that time will be the winning bid.

Liens Not Sold at the Sale

Any tax liens not sold are struck to the county and are, in most cases, available to purchase through the treasurer's office. To learn more, please visit the County-Held Certificates webpage.