Other Regulated Facilities

  1. Body Art
  2. Child Care
  3. Meth Labs 
  4. Schools
  5. Swimming Pools & Spas

Body Art Establishment Inspections

Licensing is required for all body art establishments in Jefferson County.

The requirement for a Body Art Establishment License was added to the new JCPH Body Art Regulation to ensure compliance for approval of operations. Starting January 1, 2017, no services may be advertised and no establishment shall operate within Jefferson County unless it has received a Body Art Establishment License from JCPH. Licenses are valid from January 1-December 31, and renewals will be mailed annually. For more information please email Kelly McGregor

Prior to receiving a license and operating, any new Body Art Establishment will be required to submit a Plan Review application with JCPH, complete a pre-opening inspection, and pay all associated inspection fees and license fees. See JCPH Body Art Regulation, Section 3 for more detailed requirements. Operating or advertising Body Art services without a JCPH Body Art Establishment License in Jefferson County may result in civil penalty assessment and fines (see JCPH BA Regulation, Section 12-1202 & 12-1204 (PDF).

Bloodborne Pathogen Training

JCPH knows that creating living art is a unique talent. However, it puts tattooists and piercers at risk of coming in contact with their client's blood. This means artists may also be exposed to a bloodborne pathogen.

Section 2-201(b) requires that within 30 days of hire, all Body Artists shall successfully complete an approved Bloodborne Pathogen (BBP) Course, obtain a written certificate of completion, and post the certificate in a conspicuous place. JCPH offers an approved bloodborne pathogen course [external link].

Other courses, upon notification by the Body Artist prior to taking the course, may be approved after review by JCPH.

This is a comprehensive training course, body artists will gain the knowledge to prevent bloodborne pathogen transmission through an affordable and accessible method. In this course body artists gain a clear understanding of bloodborne pathogens and practices that will protect the body artist and their clients from infection; the course is presented in a highly interactive audio/visual format in English. This combination of interactivity, imagery and sound make the training user-friendly and interesting for all viewers.


For information on tattoo and body art establishment inspections, call 303-271-5700.