Jefferson County Colorado Property Tax Statement

Taxes & Mortgage Companies

Colorado law requires the Jefferson County Treasurer to mail a notice of property taxes to each owner of record, even though a mortgage company may be responsible for making the payment.

If a mortgage company pays your taxes, you may wish to mail a copy of your notice to your lender. Include your loan number and retain a copy for your records. Your mortgage company is responsible for requesting payment information directly from this office; we do not keep track of your mortgage company. If a mortgage company requests payment information before your tax notice is printed, a code will be shown in the Mort Code section at the top of the statement.

Failure to Receive Notice

Only one property tax notice is mailed every year from the Jefferson County Treasurer's office by the end of January. 

If you have not received a tax statement for your property located in Jefferson County Colorado by early part of February, please contact the Jefferson County Treasurer's office either by phone (303-271-8330), email ([email protected]) or visit our Property Records Site.

The property owner is still required to pay the property taxes even if they do not receive a tax notice. It is the responsibility of the property owner to find out how much the taxes are and make sure they are paid every year. 

Reading Your Tax Statement

The top of the tax statement shows the TAG (tax district) in which the property is located and the property’s Parcel ID Number (PIN - formerly known as the Schedule Number). The taxing authorities that levy taxes on the property are listed singly, along with their mill levy and dollar amount and the total computed tax amounts. The assessed and actual value of the property, as determined by the assessor's office, is also provided.

Two coupons are provided on the statement. A coupon should be included with your payment based on what amount you are paying.  Taxes are due in either two equal half payments with the first half being due the end of February and the second half due June fifteenth or a full payment that is due at the end of April. A sample property tax statement is available for viewing.