Payment Options

The County Treasurer does NOT:

  • Raise or Lower Taxes 
  • Limit Government
  • Protect Property Rights

Taxes are Impacted by the voters and county commissioners 

Payment options to avoid tax lien sale (November 9 & 10, 2020):

Current year tax payments must be received in our office by 5pm on November 5 to avoid being included in our Tax Lien Sale

  • Mailing a Cashiers Check or Money Order by U.S. mail or overnight service to (please write your Property ID Number a.k.a. PIN on the check):

               Jefferson County Treasurer
               100 Jefferson County Pkwy, Ste 2520
               Golden CO 80419-2520             

  • Dropping off payments at the drop-box located in the atrium of the Jeffco Courts and Administration Building – please do not drop off cash at this location. 
  • Making payments by wire transfer or ACH – please contact our office to obtain Electronic Transfer Instructions by calling (303) 271-8330, or email us
  • In person by cashiers check or money order - no appointment is necessary. 100 Jefferson County Parkway, Ste. 2520, Golden (second floor on the admin side). 

During the month of November, the Treasurer's office will be closed November 3, 11 and 26.  On June 1, 2020 our hours changed to Monday - Thursday 7:30 to 5:00, closed on Fridays.

Additional Notes:

  • No third party checks
  • No checks accepted from banks outside of the United States
  • No checks with restrictive waivers or endorsements
  • A $20 fee will be added for returned and insufficient fund checks
  • Post dated checks will be processed when received