Help for Seniors and People with Disabilities

Tax Deferral Program for Seniors

Under this program, the state will pay the qualified seniors’ property taxes and hold a lien on the property until the seniors no longer qualify for the program or decide to sell their house. Seniors may apply for this program through the Jefferson County Treasurer’s Office. Please call 303-271-8330 or email the Treasurer's Office to request an application.  You must reapply every year between January and March 30 to defer your taxes. 

Property Tax/Rent/Heat Credit (PTC) Rebate

The Colorado Department of Revenue Taxation Division PTC Rebate offers a tax credit rebate to qualified seniors and people with disabilities, regardless of age. Any Colorado resident who meets the requirements can find the PTC Rebate Forms on the Colorado Department of Revenue Taxation Division website.  

Property Tax Exemption for Seniors and Disabled Veterans

The property-tax exemption is available for senior citizens, surviving spouses of senior citizens, and one hundred percent disabled veterans.  Eligibility requirements and applications can on the Jefferson County Assessor's website. For additional questions, please contact them by phone 303-271-8600 or email the Assessor's Office..

City Tax Credit

Some cities in Jefferson County also offer tax relief. Residents should contact their city clerk to determine whether their city has such a program.