Food Service Establishment Inspections

Food Service Establishment Inspections

Public Health Environmental Health Specialists perform inspections of more than 2,000 food service establishments within Jefferson County. The focus of these inspections is to protect the public's health by assuring that foods sold and served in Jefferson County are as safe as they can be and that food service establishments comply with state laws and regulations.

Please note that the inspection reports represented on this website reflect what the inspector observed during the actual inspection and may not accurately represent the sanitary condition of the establishment over time. On any given day, any retail food establishment could have a failure in food safety practices that could lead to foodborne illness, no matter what kind of inspection result it may have received.

Inspection Database Records

Jefferson County Public Health conducts numerous types of inspections, but only routine and follow-up inspections will be displayed within the Retail Food inspection database [external link]. Data on this website is updated daily.

Mobile Food Unit Renewal Inspections

If you are renewing your mobile food unit license, please schedule your inspections [external link].

  • Schedule at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment (appointment times may fill up quickly).
  • Appointment days are Tuesdays and Thursdays (excluding government holidays).
  • All appointments will be on-site at the Public Health office.
  • All units must be fully operational (e.g., hot water for hand sinks, refrigeration 41 degrees Fahrenheit or below, food probe thermometers, example of menu, etc.) you are not required to have food on-site.

Commissary Agreement & License Renewal

Please ensure you have filled out your license renewal information and Retail Food Commissary Agreement (PDF), and bring them to your inspection.

For mobile unit re-licensing, commissaries must be located in Jefferson County or Denver County. Under special circumstances, JCPH may approve non-Jeffco, non-Denver commissaries. Please contact our office and ask to discuss this with the Mobile Unit Relicensing Program Lead or the Food Program Manager.

  1. Complete Authorized Signature, Title and Date boxes located on the lower portion of the application.
  2. Reference the correct license fee (Amount Owed), located in the lower right corner of the application.
  3. Bring a check/money order payable to Jefferson County Treasurer.
  4. Include Colorado Sales Tax Account Number on the check/money order.
  5. Bring the completed Commissary Agreement and License Renewal Form to your scheduled inspection.

If you have scheduling questions, please call 303-232-6301.