Participant Testimonials

Participant Feedback

  • “I was wrong to assume that there was no solution…there is a solution, and that is communication.”
  • “It helped get old issues off my back.”
  • “It was above my expectations.”
  • “It was a good experience. I’m glad I participated.”
  • “It was outstanding. This is a great service.”
  • “Mediation provided a more convenient option than going through court proceedings - saved taxpayers and parties involved time and money.”
  • “Thank goodness we had this or we’d still be fighting over everything!”
  • "The mediator helped us find solutions we hadn’t thought of.”
  • “This is cool! The efficiency and effectiveness were amazing.”
  • “To my pleasant surprise, I found out your department was no rubber-stamp or facade agency.”
  • “Your staff was very concerned, very pleasant and professional.”