Our Team

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The Facilities Management Team is structured within three overarching teams and three support functions; all working collaboratively to support the overall FM Mission:

Trades Services Team

Comprised of carpenters, painters, electricians, plumbers, HVAC Technicians and project management staff.  This team manages and maintains:

  • All the building systems
  • Campus and parking lot snow removal duties
  • Fabricates signs and name plates
  • Performing preventive maintenance
  • Performs office remodels
  • Responds to building emergencies
  • Responds to work order requests
  • Manages life/safety systems

General Services Team

Comprised of customer service, grounds and administrative staff. This team manages:

  • building security and access badging
  • Mail services
  • Conference room services
  • General customer services
  • Internal IT services
  • Payroll
  • Web site management
  • Contract and PO management
  • Purchasing functions
  • Elevator maintenance
  • Grounds services
  • Slash collection program
  • Campus and parking lot snow removal duties
  • Responds to building emergencies

Construction Services Team

Comprised of project managers. This team provides:

  • Comprehensive management for master planning and space planning
  • Building programming
  • Design and project management for capital construction
  • Management of remodels and major maintenance projects for the County
  • Management of building leases, real estate and general land use issues

FM Support Functions

Business and Finance Analyst: support function for all of Facilities Management. This position provides most financial/budget, business and HR duties for the Division.

Sustainability Coordinator: focus is to provide analysis and programming for all things sustainable on County wide basis. Works with all other teams in FM and County wide to maximize today's effectiveness for tomorrow's benefit.

Security and Facility Safety Manager: lead for all countywide physical security and employee safety issues and needs. Provides threat assessments and response, emergency building evacuation protocol and drills, contract management for security and building safety needs, safety equipment management.