What is My Zoning? / What Can I Do on My Property?

Use our Jeffco Interactive Mapping Application to find zoning information about a property in addition to recent permit activity, tax information, nearby development applications and many other features. Here's how to find your zoning on jMap:

  1. Open jMap
  2. Turn on the "Zoning Planned Development" layer.
  3. Search for your address and click on your property. If you are zoned Planned Development (PD) please see below.
  4. Once you see your zoning, the setbacks can be found in the corresponding "District" section of the Jefferson County Zoning Resolution

You can also find out the zoning of a property by contacting a Planner.

What Does my Zoning Allow?

Find out what a particular zoning will allow including uses, setbacks, lot sizes, and general building standards in the Zoning Resolution.

Properties zoned “PD” are site specific zone districts with different standards and uses for each Planned Development. Please contact a Planner to determine the permitted uses and standards of a specific zone district.

To determine the zoning for properties within city limits, please contact the appropriate municipality.