Born December 2001

Misti is a sweet, imaginative and creative girl! This songbird loves music, especially Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber, and has fun singing and dancing along to her favorite tunes. She is quite the fashionista and loves experimenting with own her unique style. Misti is generally very outgoing, although in some situations she can be shy. She loves to come up with funny nicknames for people and create imaginative stories. Misti is very social and loves to strike up a conversation with just about anyone! Interacting with others is fascinating to her, but she also appreciates her time alone.

Now a seventh grader, Misti enjoys arts and crafts and benefits from an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) and counseling, which will need to continue after placement. She may need some assistance as an adult, but her future can be lovely!

All family types will be considered for this charismatic child. Misti is in tune with the needs and feelings of others and would thrive with a family that can offer a structured routine and provide positive attention and affirmation. She will do well with a family that will allow her to be herself without judgment and will appreciate her spunky, active personality. Misti has mentors with whom she would like to remain in contact after placement.

For more information or to submit a home study please contact Human Services.

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