Open Burning

NOTICE: Due to continuing concerns with the COVID-19 pandemic and its associated threat to people with heart and/or lung disease, we highly encourage all to consider an alternate means to open burning.

Jefferson County Public Health issues open burning permits for agricultural and forest management burning located at 6400’ or above only. Below this elevation these materials are considered household rubbish and should be disposed of as such. As a general guideline, tree slash should not be burned if you can access and haul away the pile. These piles can be chipped or hauled to approved slash collection sites. In addition, most fire departments have restrictions that allow for open burning only when snow cover is present. Contact your local fire protection district for specific requirements.

Applying for an Open Burn Permit

Contact Jefferson County Public Health Environmental Health Services for more information on obtaining burn permits by calling 303-271-5700.

IMPORTANT: Check the Open Burn Forecast [external link] before the open burning of waste materials or vegetation. Open burning may be restricted due to air quality or red flag warnings.   

During Fire Restrictions & Bans

Due to the concern for wildfire, Jefferson County Public Health will not issue or approve any Open Burn Permits during a Fire Restriction (Stage One) or a Fire Ban (Stage Two) as implemented by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. Open burning includes the burning of tree slash for forest mitigation (via JCPH issued Burn Permits), as well as for ’bon fires’ that require a permit from the fire authority having jurisdiction. Open burning will not be allowed during Jefferson County fire restrictions or bans (IFC 105.6.30).

NOTE: Burn permits issued and not executed prior to the effective date of these fire restrictions shall not be authorized unless approved by the issuing agency on the day of execution. Find more information on fire restrictions and bans.