Kids Waiting for Adoption

To-Be Adoptive Parents

Adoptive parents become a "forever family" to children who can no longer live with their biological family due to unresolved concerns for their safety and well being. Adoption families must be able to provide for child unconditionally and know that even when they do not feel appreciated, they are helping to prevent future cycles of abuse, and giving a child hope.

Adoptive Parents:

  • Embrace adopted children as their own
  • Foster the children's cultural connections
  • Handle difficult parenting situations, including lifelong emotional, behavioral, medical or developmental challenges that may result from the child's experiences with abuse, neglect, loss and separation
  • Help the children succeed in a home free of abuse and neglect
  • Nurture and guide the children's development
  • Provide the children with unconditional love and a lifetime of support
  • Value the children's connections with family and loved ones

Adoption is Only Considered Possible:

  • After all comprehensive efforts are exhausted in returning the child to their birth family
  • Parental rights are terminated
  • The child is deemed 'legally free' by the District Court

Adoption Support

Our adoption teams will work to provide resources and supportive services to an adoptive family until the adoption is finalized.

Waiting Kids

If you feel you can fill these roles, please see the information on kids who are waiting for adoption through Adoption Exchange or Colorado Heart Gallery.