When to Notify the Coroner's Office of a Death

The Jefferson County Coroner’s Office is bound by Colorado Revised Statute (30-10-606) and should be notified of a death when it is:

  • Unnatural or the result of external influences, violence or injury
  • Due to the influence of or the result of intoxication by alcohol, drugs or poison
  • A result of an accident, including at the workplace
  • The death of an infant or child that is unexplained or unexpected
  • Not attended by a physician, though in attendance, the physician is not able to certify the cause of death
  • Within twenty-four hours of admission to the hospital
  • From a disease which may be hazardous or contagious or which may constitute a threat to the health of the general public
  • From the action of a peace officer or while in the custody of law enforcement officials or while incarcerated in a public institution
  • Was sudden and happened to a person who was in apparent good health
  • A body that is unidentifiable, decomposed, charred, or skeletonized
  • Circumstances that the Coroner otherwise determines may warrant further inquiry to determine cause and manner of death or further law enforcement investigation

Although most calls to the Jefferson County Coroner’s Office come from police agencies, hospitals and hospice organizations, any person may report a death at any time by calling 303-271-6480.