Jeffco Pre/Post Adoption: Promoting Safe and Stable Families

Welcome pre and post-adoptive families! This website will provide tools to assist you in your journey to adopt and raise your children. With all of the joys that adoption brings, it is often accompanied by challenges. You are not alone and there are many services and resources to assist you in becoming an adoptive parent, as well meeting your special needs throughout the family journey.

Is Adoption Right for You?

Can you commit to adopting our waiting children who have experienced loss and trauma and offer them a lifetime of unconditional love and support? Families are needed who can handle the challenging parenting situations and commit to being "on duty" all day, every day, to adopt. These families must be able to provide for each child unconditionally and know that even when they do not feel appreciated, they are helping to prevent future cycles of abuse, and giving a child hope.

Contact the Post-Adoption Advocate

The Jefferson County Adoption Advocate is Chelsea Adams. For additional information, please contact Chelsea by email, or by phone at 303-271-4433.

Post-Adoption Services

Contact the Adoption Advocate for additional information or help with any of the following services.

Funding Requests

One time limited funding may be available for activities such as emergency needs, respite care, or training.

Home Visits

The adoption advocate is available to meet with you to discuss needs and identify resources.

Lending Library

Tap into our large collection of books giving expertise in raising adopted children. View the Adoption Books (PDF) we have available for you to check out.

Advocacy Support

Get guidance for issues or circumstances you encounter. Maybe you need a healthy dose of encouragement, or just want someone to accompany you to an appointment.

Support Groups

Join one of many Adoption Support Groups (PDF) in the local area.

Mental Health Professionals

If you are looking for a therapist in the Denver Metro area please check out this list of Adoption Competent Therapists (PDF) from the Adoption Exchange.

Resource Navigation

Finding the right resource can be difficult, we can help. Contact Amy, the Adoption Advocate.

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