Sale Policy

Notice of online sales as of Oct. 7, 2021

Foreclosure sales will be held online starting October 7, 2021 through the GovEase website. Please visit the website or call 769-208-5050 ext. 2 for sale and bidding information.

You MUST be pre-registered with GovEase to bid on any property. Please make sure you contact GovEase immediately if you think you may be interested in bidding on a property. 

The Foreclosure Sale Policy is a document that the Public Trustee prepares under the authority of Colorado Revised Statutes 38-38-106 (7) (b). It outlines for those interested in bidding on properties in foreclosure sale the sale order and procedure, bid forms, bidding information, the process of payments to the public trustee, the process around redemptions and fees for winning bidders and access to the property. Please download the following document to see all details:

2020 Public Trustee Sale Announcement (PDF)

Foreclosure Sale Alerts

  1. There are no alerts at this time.

Foreclosure Sale Documents