About Us

What We Do

The Jefferson County Planning and Zoning Division provides the general public with a variety of planning services and information based on land development regulation and zoning resolution for the unincorporated portion of Jefferson County. These services include but are not limited to: interpretation of current and future land use, development and subdivision consultation, and issuance of fence, sign, grading, driveway, and building permits. Specifically, the county is required to interpret existing zoning and the allowed uses.

Land use and zoning regulations are enforced on a reactive basis. When a violation of a regulation is reported, it is logged into a case file. The enforcement staff then verifies the complaint and proceeds with the violation notice, following the case through the process to closure.

Planning and Zoning Division planning engineers work with final plats and development analysis. Staff also develops comprehensive plans, maintains a land use inventory, researches and performs special studies of the demographics and socio-economics of Jefferson County, with particular focus on the unincorporated portion. The comprehensive plans tie into decisions made as the division processes land use cases, analyzes proposed subdivisions of land, and administers regulations and guides land development.

Planning & Zoning Mission Statement

Working Together to Serve, We Adhere to These Values & Practices:

  • Customers are not an interruption of our work. They are the reason for our work.
  • Uniqueness in our community character is fostered by promoting economic health, respecting cultural heritage and preserving environmental resources.
  • Service to our customers is prompt, courteous, and competent.
  • Teamwork is fostered by supporting one another, sharing ideas, information and resources within the department, the county and the community.
  • Orderly change is achieved by applying reasonable and innovative planning principles.
  • Maintaining what is best about our community, the environment and our cultural resources.
  • Effective and consistent service is provided by taking pride and ownership in the work we do and by setting high standards for our performance.
  • Respecting each customer's uniqueness and valuing each person's contributions is our commitment. We are honest, ethical and professional in all our dealings with our customers and each other.
  • Solving problems is accomplished through proactive, creative and collaborative approaches.