Filing a Foreclosure

All filings submitted by an attorney or pro se will be proofread for completeness and accuracy in accordance with the referenced statutes.

How to Submit your first legal package:

Establish payment

A deposit of $650 - or the amount of the fee permitted pursuant to 38-37-104(1)(b)(I), whichever is greater - is required.

Triple check errors

If an error is found, the entire package will be rejected for corrections to be made and the entire package must be resubmitted. Please refer to our FAQ section if you have additional questions.

Choose a filing method

Attorneys can submit their package through Government Technology Systems through an upload, integration, or manual entry. Alternatively, the Public Trustee accepts email submissions. Please see below for details on these methods.

When the filing is complete and accurate:

The NED will be recorded

The Notice of Election and Demand (NED) will be recorded within ten (10) business days from the receipt of a correct package.

Attorneys will be notified

The submitter will receive a notice when the filing has been accepted.

Acceptable Methods for Filing

Government Technology Systems

Electronic Filings Through Government Technology Systems, LLC. (GTS) . GTS provides software solutions for government agencies. Jefferson County Public Trustee utilizes the PUSH Foreclosure Submission System, where you can upload your first legal package, manually enter your package submission, or integrate your system to automatically upload your package into the GTS fields. To set up an account or integrate your system, email Will Gosnell or call 303-875-2301. 

The scanned copy of the initial mailing list (ML) must be uploaded in both .tiff and .docx (Word document). The public trustee is no longer required to be on the mailing list. Please list an address for occupant and lessee CRS 38-38-100.3 (14) (d).

Email Submission 

Email submissions to  eForclosures email with a subject line that identifies this as a new foreclosure filing and includes the borrower’s name and file number.  

A DATADOC must be included in an email submission. A DATADOC is an Excel document with basic information regarding the foreclosure that will integrate into our database. 

Please download the DATADOC (xlsx) and fill in the fields and upload it as an attachment in .csv format. Please submit your mailing list via this file as well.  

For all other information regarding first legal package submission, please see our Naming Conventions Document (pdf)