Senior 911 Cell Phone Project

The Senior Cell Phone Project offers free cell phones for emergency use to senior citizens and the disabled. The program is sponsored by the Triad senior safety program in Jefferson County.

Triad is a an organization built on a cooperative relationship between senior community members, the District Attorney, local law enforcement agencies, and senior service providers. Each share concern about the safety and security of seniors living in Jefferson County. 

These phones come with a rechargeable battery and work throughout the United States. They are available to those who do not already own a cell phone. Phone that would ordinarily be disposed of are collected by schools, law enforcement agencies, and Triad participants. They are collected by the District Attorney's Office who has them reconfigured to only make 911 calls. These phone are invaluable to seniors in case of an emergency, such as a fall.

Get a Phone

The phones are available through the District Attorney's Office to anyone who feels they need one. Call 303-271-6970 to arrange for a  free 911 cell phone.

Donate a Phone

Donations of used phones can also be made by dropping them off at the District Attorney’s Office or at the District Attorney's Victim Witness Center at the Jefferson County courthouse.