On-Call & Call-Off Program

On-Call & Call-Off Program for Witnesses

The On-Call System is designed to help witnesses avoid making unwarranted trips to, and waiting long periods at, the courthouse to testify in jury trials and in other court hearings. A witness can be placed “on call” by providing the Victim and Witness Unit with a phone number where the witness can be reached and by indicating how long it will take the witness to travel to the Administration and Courts Building.

This program, which is available to all witnesses, is especially ideal for police officers because they are automatically on-call for jury trials. The system minimizes inconvenience by allowing the officer to remain on the street while on duty or to stay home on a day off. The result is thousands of dollars saved in down time and overtime.

Victim and Witness specialists and assistants regularly use the "call-off" system to notify witnesses when cases are resolved or continued.  If you have questions, call 303-271-6550.