Juvenile Diversion Program


The Juvenile Diversion Program was developed in 1976 as an alternative to juvenile prosecution, with the goal of reducing the likelihood of the juvenile re-offending. The Juvenile Diversion Program serves residents of Jefferson and Gilpin counties. In certain circumstances, the program may deal with juveniles who live in the surrounding counties, but whose offense is in Jefferson or Gilpin county.

Clients are accepted into the Juvenile Diversion Program on a deferred adjudication. This plea agreement requires a juvenile to plead guilty and then complete certain terms and conditions. If they are successful, their criminal charge will not be entered on their record. Each juvenile is assigned a diversion officer who will supervise his progress for the duration of his program. Personal responsibility and personal accountability are core values that each diversion officer tries to teach and to encourage.

The Program

The Juvenile Diversion Program utilizes several resources to reach its goals. Diversion supervises a juvenile’s behavior at home, progress at school, employment, involvement with drugs and alcohol, peer choices and compliance with court requirements and diversion expectations.

Many juveniles are referred to outside agencies for services to facilitate their rehabilitation. Parents are encouraged to engage in the process by setting appropriate boundaries and giving advice and encouragement to the juvenile. Parents are discouraged from taking on program responsibilities themselves.