Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking Unit

The District Attorney’s (DA) Human Trafficking unit uses a new, proactive approach which focuses on protection and prevention in addition to aggressively prosecuting those who are sexually exploiting children. A risk assessment helps identify high risk youth who are most vulnerable to being exploited. The unit uses a team approach to each case, trying to protect those who are already being exploited, by helping them find a way of out the life, and helping prevent other vulnerable youth from being drawn into the web of prostitution.

Unit Composition

The unit is comprised of a full-time deputy district attorney, a full-time investigator, and support staff. Their goal is to prevent and protect high-risk juveniles, expand investigations, and aggressively prosecute those who prey on vulnerable children.

Suspected Trafficking

A multi-disciplinary subcommittee began meets monthly to look closely at suspected trafficking in the community. The subcommittee, called the Colorado Youth Leadership Council on Human Trafficking (CYLC -HT), is comprised of representatives from the DA’s Office, law enforcement, the FBI’s Innocence Lost Task Force, the Department of Human Services, R1 School District, the Juvenile Assessment Center, and the courts.