Electronic Plan Review

Want to submit your plan review online? This is the place. Here you'll find all the requirements necessary to submit a successful electronic plan. Please know that all building permit applications and site plans must be approved by the Planning and Zoning Division.

Electronic Plan Submittal Requirements

  • A single contact person for the project shall be designated. This will be the contact for all plan submittals, corrections and needed information for the project and will be the only source acceptable for submitted plans (i.e., Jeffco Plans Examiners will not accept revision’s from architects, engineers, subcontractors, etc. that do not come through this contact person).
  • Submit all electronic plans in PDF format only.
  • Submit all PDF files in an unlocked and unsecured state for plan review.
  • Do not combine categories in one PDF.
  • When submitting electronic plan revisions, only submit pages with revisions and additional pages that may be required for the needed corrections.
  • Resubmitting a complete set of plans, unless requested by the plans examiner, will result in rejected plans.
  • All submitted plans must meet the requirements of paper plan submittals (i.e., complete title block, scaled and dimensioned, elevations views, section views, etc.). See our Residential Design Requirements page for all of the details.
  • The submitted electronic plans shall not use the color “red” for plans, drawings, notations, etc.

For Planning and Zoning questions or to submit plans electronically, contact us.

Plan Submittal Questions

Call 303-271-8260.