Permit Process

There are many aspects to a successful project. The links below are a helpful tool on plan submittal, inspections and general information to help things run smoothly. 

Building Permit Process

Building Permit Fees

Zoning & Building Permitting Guide 

Active Cases

Once a permit is issued our system has the ability to access all information related to an active case and is updated once an hour. To see the details on active cases search, go to the Jeffco Citizen Portal and click on Planning & Zoning Search.

Data within the Jefferson County Permit Search application is updated at least twice daily: once to show inspections scheduled for the day and later to display inspection results completed during the day.

Information about the date and time of the last update is displayed on each of the search results pages and at the top of the Permit/Development Search home page.

You can also explore our interactive Ongoing Applications and Permits Map.

Online Cases map. Links to the map of Jefferson County ongoing maps and applications. Opens in new window