Solar Systems

All the following is needed to submit a successful plan review in the Commercial Solar Photo-Voltaic or Solar Hot Water Systems category. Submit only the categories pertinent to your project.

  • Relevant Permit Application 
  • Elevation Drawings
  • Site Plan if Ground Mount

    Residential Photo-Voltaic does not require plan review, an electrical permit is required. Plans must be on site for inspection to pass. 

Photo-Voltaic Commercial Electrical Plans Include:

  • Specifications of all components
  • Module cut sheets
  • Combiner box installation requirements
  • Inverter cut sheets
  • One line drawings
  • Electrical calculations

Hot Water Plumbing Plans Include:

  • Specifications of all components
  • Collector cut sheets
  • Controller installation requirements
  • One line drawings
  • Type of medium transfer (Glycol or Propylene glycol)
  • Storage tanks