Policy & Procedure


All discovery requests must be made by telephone (303-271-6808) and must be accepted by the discovery personnel. We will not accept a discovery request via facsimile or mail.

After the request(s) have been made, the discovery will be available one to two working days after the request. This office provides to registered attorneys, only, all paper via eDiscovery. An attorney is able to purchase selected discovery materials for free. Defendants representing themselves will need to pick up in person with government issued identification card.

Traffic & Misdemeanor

On traffic and misdemeanor cases, a request for discovery can be made two weeks after the first appearance date listed on the summons. If the first appearance date is waived prior to the specified date, a request can be made two weeks after receiving notice of setting of the pre-trial conference and / or continued arraignment. Discovery is not guaranteed for Department of Motor Vehicles hearings. A request can be placed on felony and juvenile cases prior to the first court appearance date.


There are times that the discovery is delayed because the requested police reports have not yet arrived at our office. Generally, this delay will only occur in traffic and misdemeanor cases.

If an entry of appearance has not been properly filed with the courts and our office, a request for discovery will not be processed. Our office will only release discovery to the attorney of record or the defendant (pro se). In addition, defense counsel is permitted to designate an authorized representative to select and obtain discovery materials. It is the responsibility of defense counsel to update the Discovery Unit if the status of the authorized individual is changed.

Additional Discovery

When additional discovery is received, an email is sent to notify that attorney or representative or both. All media associated with a case will appear as "Not Available" for download in your account. The date will show ‘…..’ until it is picked up. Once picked up, it will show the date of delivery.

There is an option of either picking up the evidentiary media from our office or sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to be mailed. Without an envelope, your discovery will not be mailed and you will be contacted. 


If you have questions regarding these policies; you may contact the discovery office at 303-271-6808 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.