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The District Attorney's Office is a public office and is committed to providing the greatest possible transparency for the community while protecting the rights of the accused. Because the District Attorney's Office is a criminal justice agency, most of its records will be criminal justice records, and therefore records requests will generally fall under the provisions of the Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act (CCJRA), C.R.S. 24-72-301 et seq. It is the role of the public information officer to ensure the flow of information from the District Attorney’s Office to the media and to the public.

If you have any questions or need to submit a records request, please email Director of Public Affairs Michael Teague at [email protected].

Criminal Justice Records Request

Requests for records made to our office will be handled as efficiently and expeditiously as possible, within the provisions of the Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act (CCJRA), C.R.S. 24-72-301 et seq. 

Requests for criminal justice records governed by CCJRA may take longer than three days to respond to, depending on the nature of the request. The requesting party will be notified if the requested records will take longer than what would be considered a “reasonable time”, or if the records are not available, or if they are not available under the CCJRA.

Conviction Integrity Unit Community Advisory Board

As part of the Conviction Integrity Unit innocence review process, an external advisory board will be created to enhance transparency and foster community support of the CIU's mission. The advisory board will be quarterly and as needed for case review. View the online form to learn more and apply.

Requests From Media

The First Judicial District Attorney’s Office strives to balance the rights of the accused to a fair trial and the public’s right to know through a free press when responding to the news media regarding matters of public record. Our goal is to maintain an open, cooperative working relationship with the media who act as a conduit of our accountability to the public.

Prosecution files are not public records in their entirety. Certain categories of documents are protected. At no time before final judgment and sentence in a criminal case are documents from District Attorney files available for review. Requests for access to closed files are considered and certain records may be made available for review. 

If a media representative is denied access to criminal justice information, they shall be given an explanation as to the reason for the denial. In accordance with criminal justice records law, if a written request is made, a written response will also be provided within the time allowed by the Colorado Revised Statutes 24-72-305.


As authorized by C.R.S. 24-72-306 criminal justice agencies may assess reasonable fees. Copies of records may be made available at $0.25 per page for scanned or paper copies and $15 per disc for media. A research or retrieval fee of $25 may be charged for retrieving files stored off site. If the time needed to fulfill the request exceeds one hour a reasonable hourly rate may be assessed.

Requests from Non-Media

Records requests, other than those made by the media, should be made to the Discovery Unit. If the records requested are not considered “discovery” then the records request form should be used.

Social Media

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News Releases

See our News page for the latest news from the District Attorney's Office.