Communicable Disease Control

Prevention and Control

Prevention and control of infectious diseases is a primary function of public health and provides the following functions:

Ongoing Surveillance

  • Clients are taught how to manage their disease, family contacts are assessed and all parties involved are taught how to prevent the spread of the disease.
  • Outbreaks are identified and followed by extensive community outreach as needed.
  • Monthly and annual reports reflect trends for disease prevention, planning and action.
  • Jefferson County Public Health regularly publishes studies, surveys and reports on the status of health issues in the county. View the Disease Stats & Data page for more information.

Analysis and Intervention

  • Incidences of reportable communicable diseases are analyzed for potential impact to the community's health. For example, the diagnosis of certain contagious diseases among food workers, daycare providers or healthcare workers.
  • Appropriate action is taken to prevent or minimize the spread of disease.
  • Emphasis is put on education as well as prophylactic (preventive) treatment.