Sexual Health Outreach

The Jefferson County Public Health Family Planning Clinic provides sexual health outreach services for teens and young adults in the county. There is a textline where teens and young adults can ask sexual health questions confidentially and receive a response from a public health nurse. Videos on sexual health education topics are available for young people to watch on their own and for educators to supplement their curricula.

Youth-serving organizations including schools, colleges, youth drop-in centers and others can request a public health nurse speaker on various sexual health topics for youth or parents. Presentations are available on birth control methods, sexually transmitted infections, HIV, safer sex, information for parents on how to talk with their children about puberty and sex and other topics by request. 

Jefferson County Public Health provides these presentations at no cost to the community. Please email for more information or to request a presentation. 

Go Ask TISH: Text Information Sexual Health

Youth and young adults in Jefferson County can use Go Ask TISH, a confidential texting advice line, to get answers about their sexual health. If you have questions about pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing or anything else regarding your sexual health, send us a text. Questions are answered by public health nurses.

Text your questions to 720-446-TISH (8474).

For more details on how to use TISH please watch this video

You can request a Go Ask TISH poster and palm cards for your classroom or youth-serving organization by emailing

FAQs about Go Ask TISH

Q: How do I use Go Ask TISH?
A: Text “question” to 720-446-8474 to activate the service. After you get the introduction response, you can text your question.

Q: When can I text questions, and when will I get an answer?
A: You can text us questions at any time, and expect an answer in one business day.

Q: Is Go Ask TISH free?
A: Standard text messaging rates for your mobile plan apply.

Q: Are my questions confidential?
A: Yes!

Q: Who answers the questions?
A: Public health nurses

Q: What about the legal stuff?
A: The Go Ask TISH service provides general health information only and is not a substitute for medical care through your healthcare provider. Jefferson County Public Health does not treat or diagnose via text.  All communications are kept confidential. Jefferson County Public Health reserves the right to block users who abuse the Go Ask TISH service. Any reports of abuse or neglect of minors will be forwarded to the proper authorities.

Sex Ed With Mel

Have a question? Need advice? Or maybe it's just been a while since your last sex ed class and you need a refresher? Don't worry, Mel at JCPH has your back in these videos.