Mission, Vision, Values, Goals


Providing quality services for residents and businesses to thrive.


  • Collaborative environment
  • Excellence in customer service
  • Fiscal responsibility and accountability
  • Open and effective communications
  • Quality workforce
  • Honesty and integrity


  • Cultivate self-sufficiency for all our residents through education, information and involvement
  • Demonstrate wise use and stewardship of our natural resources
  • Enhance the efficiency of internal and external delivery of services
  • Foster responsible land use and development
    • Balance competing private property rights
    • Operate with long-term master planning
  • Promote economic vitality
    • Create and implement a Comprehensive Economic Development Plan
    • Partner with businesses and organizations
    • Streamline regulations
    • Support job development
  • Provide safe communities
    • Enhance public health, safety and environment
    • Protect children, seniors and persons with disabilities from abuse and neglect
    • Support crime prevention and law enforcement
  • Maintain and enhance all modes of transportation
  • Recruit and retain a quality and engaged workforce