Adult & Child Immunizations

Jefferson County Public Health is a Vaccine For Children (VFC) provider. VFC program offers all routinely recommended vaccines at no cost for eligible children. 

Is my child eligible for the VFC program? 

Children 18 years and younger are eligible if they have one of the following: 

  • Qualify for Medicaid 
  • Do not have insurance 
  • Are Alaskan Indian or Alaska Native. 

Children whose insurance doesn’t cover some or all routinely recommended vaccines (underinsured) can still get vaccines through VFC. 

Adults 19 years and older can also receive vaccine through the same program!

Persons 19 years and older who qualify can receive routinely recommended vaccines for low to no cost to them. There is a limited supply of vaccine is available and not all vaccines are offered through the program.

Call the clinic today to learn more about eligibility and available vaccines and schedule an appointment to get immunized at 303-239-7078. 

School-Required Vaccines

Homebound Vaccinations

Jefferson County Public Health is expanding the homebound vaccination program. A public health nurse and coordinator are now scheduling appointments for eligible community members to receive vaccinations in their homes. 

  • Eligibility:
    • Be a resident of Jefferson County
    • Be homebound for at least 30 days

Vaccinations are also available for qualified caretakers during the same visit

Vaccinations available:

  • COVID-19
  • RSV
  • Flu

Other vaccinations may be offered on a case-by-case basis

Scheduling appointments: 

Colorado Law for Students

Colorado law (Senate Bill 20-163) requires all students attending Colorado schools and licensed childcares to be vaccinated against certain diseases, unless otherwise exempt. 

Vaccines Required for Child Care, Preschool & K-Entry 

Vaccines Required and Recommended for Kindergarten Through 12th Grade 

For more information about vaccine exemptions visit Vaccine exemptions | Department of Public Health & Environment (

COVID-19 Vaccines

It is also the recommended time to get your updated COVID-19 2023/2024 vaccine. JCPH does not offer the new Novavax due to limited interest, but does offer many variations including:

  • Moderna mRNA vaccine for individuals aged 6 months of age and older
  • Pfizer vaccine for individuals aged 6 months of age and older

Find information about COVID-19 vaccines for people ages 6mo+.

Flu Shots

'Tis the season to get vaccinated against the flu! JCPH offers multiple variations, including:

  • Flumist (live attenuated influenza vaccine in the form of a nasal spray) for individuals aged 2- 49 years of age
  • Regular inactivated quadrivalent flu vaccine for individuals aged 6 months and older
  • High dose inactivated flu vaccine for individuals aged 65 years and older

JCPH provides flu shots at our Lakewood clinic located at 645 Parfet Street, Lakewood, CO 80215. Please call 303-239-7078 for an appointment or more information.

JCPH offers high-dose flu vaccines to those who are 65 years and older. 

2023 Shots for Tots & Teens

Shots for Tots and Teens' goal is to make sure every child receives the immunizations needed to keep them healthy. The program offers low- and no-cost immunization clinics throughout the year in Aurora, Denver, Thornton and Arvada with the help of experienced immunization nurses, fire medics, paramedics, health care and community volunteers.

Find out more about upcoming Shots for Tots and Teens events [external link]. 

Human Papillomavirus Vaccination

Jefferson County Public Health routinely offers the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine to individuals of any gender identity ages 11-26, as is recommended by the CDC, and for adults 27 through 45 years of age who are at risk or would benefit from protection against HPV. Either a two-dose or three-dose series, depending on age, the HPV vaccine helps prevent cervical cancer, vaginal and vulvar cancers, penile and anal cancers and oropharyngeal cancers in addition to genital warts.

As of 2021, a new Colorado law called SB21-016: Protecting Preventive Health Coverage was passed, allowing minors ages 14-17 to receive the HPV vaccine without parental consent. The vaccine is most effective when given before the age of fifteen.

RSV Monoclonal Antibody

Beyfortus (Nirsevimab) is a monoclonal antibody that protects infants from respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). It is recommended for all infants less than 8 months of age entering their first RSV season and those 8 through 19 months of age with increased risk for severe RSV disease. It is now available through the vaccine for children program at Jefferson County Public Health by appointment.

JCPH offers both the RSV monoclonal antibody for infants as well as the RSV vaccine for individuals 60 years and older. See below for qualifications:

  • RSV vaccine is available for individuals 60 years and older based on shared clinical decision making. Call the clinic for more information at (303) 239- 7078.
  • RSV monoclonal antibody (Nirsevimab) is available in very limited stock. This monoclonal antibody is available for infants less than 6 months of age. For infants between 6 months and 8 months of age, to be eligible they must have a condition that places them at a high risk for severe RSV disease. Availability of these vaccines change on a daily basis, so be sure to call the clinic before coming in for more information at (303) 239- 7078.

To learn more: 10272023 HAN Update - Nirsevimab supply and prioritization [external link].

Travel Immunizations

JCPH can provide a limited number of travel immunizations. We do not provide travel consultations. 

For more information on travel immunizations visit the CDC website for guidance.


There is an administrative fee of $21.68 per vaccine. Vaccine fees for adults and children vary depending on the vaccine requested and insurance coverage. Service will not be denied due to inability to pay for any childhood vaccine, and fees may be waived. We can bill for Medicaid, CHP+ and a number of private insurances. Please confirm when registering.

Colorado Immunization Information System

Immunization records are confidential, personal medical information. The Colorado Immunization Information System (CIIS) is a lifelong immunization record tracking system under the Colorado Immunization Registry Act of 2007.

CIIS has signed agreements with all participating sites that are authorized to provide information to or access information from CIIS. CIIS and all people and entities that access immunization records are required to maintain the confidentiality of those records.

CIIS policies and procedures

  • If you choose not to participate in CIIS, you are responsible for keeping track of your/your child’s immunization record. 
  • CIIS Opt-Out Policy 

Immunization Schedules

Immunization Documents

  1. Handouts about Children's Vaccines for Parents [external link]
  2. Before, During, and After the Shot [external link]
  3. School Immunization Dashboard

Check out the How Vaccines Work [external link] video from Immunize For Good [external link].