Meetings & Agendas

Find the meeting body you are interested in and select the link to be taken to their landing page which gives more information about that group, meeting times and links to agendas and minutes where available.

Hybrid Meeting

BCC Meetings will be offered in-person and online via WebEx Events. See details below. If you experience issues during any virtual meetings, see our WebEx Events Troubleshooting Tips document. Prior to the meeting, you can also join a test WebEx meeting, to test your computer, speaker and microphone.

Changing Screen Size within the WebEx Platform

Within the WebEx platform, if you’d like to change the size of the screens during a meeting, follow these steps once you’re in the meeting:

  1. Find the screen you’d like to make larger from those available
  2. When you roll over that screen with your mouse, you should see a “More Options" button (circle with three dots) in the upper right corner of that screen
  3. Click on that “More Options” button; that will bring up a list of options
  4. Select the “Move to stage” option; that will make that screen larger within your meeting screen
  5. If you’d like to make that screen smaller again, click on that “More Options” button within that screen and select “Remove from stage”

Missed a Meeting?

If you were not able to listen in on a live Board of County Commissioner's hearing, recordings are posted on our Meeting Video page. Here you can find recordings and videos of past hearings along with other groups such as the Planning Commission. 

Board of County Commissioners

Business Meeting/Public Hearings

These meetings have three parts: the business meeting, the public hearing and public comment. In these meetings the Board may approve contracts, expend funds, hear testimony, make decisions on land use cases and take care of other county matters, and are open to the public. See our agenda center to view the agenda for this hearing.

Commissioner Hearings Button.May 31, 2022: No BCC Hearing

There is no BCC hearing this week. The next hearing will be June 7, 2022.

See the Board of County Commissioner Hearings page for more details >>

Staff Briefings and other meetings

These briefings are working sessions that provide the commissioners an opportunity to discuss upcoming issues and hear reports from county departments. These meetings are open to the public, but public comment is not taken.
See our agenda center to view the agendas for these meetings.

May 31, 2022: No Staff Briefings 

There are no staff briefings this week. The next briefings will be on June 7, 2022.           

See the Board of County Commissioner Staff Briefings page for more details >>

Town Hall Meetings

Telephone town halls is one tool the county is using to provide, and update, constituents on important county business. This is a popular way for the commissioners to reach out and stay in touch with thousands of Jefferson County residents.

See the Board of County Commissioner Town Hall page for more details>>

Volunteer Boards and Commissions

Public involvement is fundamental to good government, and service through Jefferson County’s volunteer boards and commissions is an effective way for citizens to provide valuable input and make a positive impact to our community.

For a complete list, see the Volunteer Boards and Commissions web page >>


The Jefferson County Transportation Action and Advocacy Group is a diverse group of state, regional and local entities committed to identifying sustainable, multi-modal transportation needs for 21st century, leading to legislative and funding solutions through the sharing of ideas and smart, forward-thinking discussions.

See the JEFFTAAG page for more details>>

Agendas and Minutes

For these meeting bodies, and all others available, see the current and previous agenda and meeting packets on the Agenda Center page.