Board of Health Policies

The Board of Health uses a number of formally adopted policies to establish administrative procedures, address issues not covered in regulation, interpret or clarify sections of regulations or for other matters in which an established set of procedures or requirements are desired. Members of the board, department staff and the public may request development of policies to address those specific needs and the revision or revocation of existing policies.

Development & Adoption Process

Though the requirements for developing and adopting policies are less stringent than those for actual regulations, policies often have the same force and effect; therefore, the board gives careful consideration to the manner in which this is accomplished, including the provision of reasonable public notice and the opportunity for input from the public and other interested parties. To formalize the process, the board has established a policy on the Development, Adoption and Review of Board of Health Policies, a guide to how the process takes place.

Public Health Subpoena and Open Records Policy

To see the latest JCPH policy and more information on filing a request, please see our Public Records Request page.