Jefferson County Public Health is made up of divisions which each serve key purposes in maintaining and promoting health and wellness in the county: Administrative Services, Clinic Services, Family Services, Environmental Health Services, Emergency Preparedness and Infectious Disease and Health Promotion and Lifestyle Management.  

Jefferson County Public Health Leadership Team

The Jefferson County Board of Health (BOH) and Jefferson County Public Health (JCPH) are in the planning stages of recruiting a new Executive Director to lead the department. To help lead JCPH and provide strategic public health direction in the meantime, the BOH has designated an Interim Senior Leadership Team comprised of many longtime leaders and directors at JCPH. In addition, as it is required by state law that county health departments always have a Medical Director on staff or in a consulting position, Dr. Sarah Rowan will continue to serve in this role. Read more.

Senior Leadership Team 

Jody Erwin - Deputy Director 

Jim Rada - Environmental Health Services Director

Elise Lubell - Director of Health Promotion and Lifestyle Management

Karey Riemersma - Director of Family Services

Christine Billings - Interim Director of Emergency Preparedness and Infectious Disease

Joe Badalpour - Administrative Services Director

Gwyn Rodman-Rice – Interim Clinic Services Director

Dr. Sarah Rowan - Medical Director

Lindsey Gonzales - Administrative Coordinator Supervisor / Clerk to the Board of Health