Legal Notices

Colorado State Statutes require county governments to publish certain meeting notices, announcements and documents in a newspaper of general circulation. The current “official newspaper” for Jefferson County, selected by competitive bid, is the High Timber Times, published by Evergreen Newspapers. The Golden Transcript, published by the Mile High Newspapers is also designated a "legal" newspaper for publishing certain notices.

The statutes specify requirements for publishing different types of legal notices. Some must be published in the county’s “official” newspaper, some may be published in other publications and still others only require “posting,” which means that a notice must be placed in a designated place for a specific amount of time. For example, the official location for posting meetings of the Board of County Commissioners is a designated bulletin board outside Hearing Room One at the Jefferson County Administration and Courts Facility.

This web page contains copies of many of legal and posted notices for Jefferson County. While it is not intended to be an exhaustive compilation of all legal notices published by the county, it is our intent to continue to add additional notices in the future. If you do not see any notices listed below, there are none currently active.