The 1930s


July 11, 1930

Funicular fire on Lookout Mountain


  • Colorado School of Mines’ "M" on Mount Zion is lit for the first time
  • John Brisben Walker dies in Brooklyn, NY


Turkey Creek flood damages Tiny Town for the second time

March 19, 1932

Colorado School of Mines emblem, the "M" on Mount Zion, is permanently lit

November 1932

Colorado voters approve the repeal of prohibition with 67% of the vote


Morrison Trout Ranch built along Bear Creek by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)

April 1933

City of Arvada issues its first tavern license to the Dutch Inn, which later becomes the Arvada Tavern in Olde Town

April 7, 1933

3.2% beer can be legally sold in Colorado, even though federal prohibition is still in effect nationwide.

July 7 & 8, 1933

Bear Creek flood starting at Sawmill Gulch and Mount Vernon Creek near Idledale claims five lives with major destruction of Bear Creek Canyon Road between Idledale and Morrison.

December 5, 1933

Prohibition ends nationally


Colorado National Guard Rifle Range renamed Camp George West. During WWII camp houses training schools for 200 guard dogs and for military police. German prisoners of war also held there.

March 4, 1934

Major windstorm hits Golden, tearing the roof off the Everett Block at 12th and Washington and slamming it into the Rubey Block across Washington Avenue

August 9, 1934

Flood of Bear Creek and Mt. Vernon Creek claims six lives with much property damage near Kittredge


Fire destroys Tiny Town’s Indian pueblo and many of its buildings. The miniature businesses and residences survive the fire.


Ralston Dam built as Depression-era federal works project


Red Rocks Amphitheater near Morrison built by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) under the auspices of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) and Denver Mountain Parks


Coors’ classic slogan "Brewed with pure Rocky Mountain spring water," adopted by the company

March 27, 1937

Denver Fire Clay Mine north of Golden caves in, trapping three miners while one escapes. After 18 hours all miners are rescued uninjured.


  • Federal Correctional Institute establishes federal prison farm south of Green Mountain
  • William Heckethorn incorporates Heckethorn Manufacturing and Supply in Littleton. HECO makes artillery shells and mortar fuses for the armed services.

August 15, 1938

Jefferson County Pioneer Museum established by Jefferson County Commissioners with aid of Works Progress Administration. Operates today as the Golden History Center.

September 2 & 3, 1938

Bear Creek flood kills six people in Bear Creek Canyon between Morrison and Kittredge, with $450,000 in damage through Morrison. Denver Motor Club’s stone clubhouse in Idledale (Starbuck) destroyed.