Those Who Took Office

First Officials

  • The first provisional governor of Jefferson Territory was Robert W Steele, who lived at Mount Vernon.
  • Eli Carter, the county's first recorder, began recording everything from marriage contracts to mining claims in January 1860.
  • William Gilpin, first governor of the Colorado Territory, called an election for December 1861.

Elected Officials

Elected officials who took office in January 1862 were:

  • County Commissioners
    • Theodore P. Boyd
    • Thomas C. Bergen
    • David K. Wall
  • Sheriff: J.C. Remington
  • Clerk and Recorder: George H. Richardson
  • Treasurer: John M. Ferrell
  • Assessor: J.R. Ward
  • Surveyor: Edward L. Berthoud
  • Coroner: S.W. Lincoln
  • Probate Judge: William T. Muir
  • Attorney: J.B. Wolff
  • School Superintendent: George West

County offices were located in Loveland Hall until 1877 when the first Jefferson County Courthouse was built.