Notable Characters

The John Patrick family

Reportedly, the John Patricks were a colorful family whose names appeared in the local news numerous times because of family murders and court disputes. Their home is used today as the caretaker's house near the elk preserve west of Genesee Park.

Alferd Packer

Alferd Packer, Colorado's alleged cannibal, lived in Deer Creek. Local residents say that Packer stayed in a dugout known as Colorow's Cave following his parole from prison in 1901. Always maintaining his innocence, Packer was well liked by his Deer Creek neighbors and worked as a hired hand on many local ranches. He died in 1907 and is buried in the Littleton cemetery.

Jesse James

Deer Creek Canyon was a popular rest stop for Jesse James and Horsethief Thompson, a member of the notorious Hole-in-the-Wall Gang. While "cooling off" after a train robbery, Jesse James visited the Mielke family on Sampson Mountain. He reportedly gave Mielke a gold bar for his hospitality. Mielke would scrape gold off the bar to pay for his supplies.

Horsethief Thompson

Horsethief Thompson, a self-taught veterinarian, was respected more for his animal handling skills than his criminal activities. Many old-timers in Deer Creek grew up with stories about Horsethief Thompson's loot, which he supposedly hid in the area. No one found his treasure and the slippery Thompson was never caught.